炭火焼肉 敏 広島市南区猿猴橋町 カープロード

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Photos: 炭火焼肉 敏 広島市南区猿猴橋町 カープロード

Photos: カープロード 広島市南区東荒神町 Photos: Hiroshima City International House 広島市留学生会館

炭火焼肉 敏 猿猴橋店



In 2009, Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium, also known as MAZDA ZoomZoom Stadium, opened as a new symbol of Hiroshima. It features a sparkling green playing field made of all natural turf and a wide range of seating options such as ground-level seating that puts you right next to the action on the field, and sofa seating where you can watch the game lying down.

The ballpark’s opening has rejuvenated the Aiyu Market located between the stadium and Hiroshima Station. Before, the market was losing customers to modern supermarkets and was only visited by elderly customers, but it is now a bustling shopping spot with many customers on game days. With the stadium as the main driving force, Carp-related business in Hiroshima Prefecture has generated approximately 18.5 billion yen and has largely contributed to livening the city atmosphere.

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